President’s Desk

President’s Desk

Dr. Kiran Prajapati


Education is the key to the door of the modernization. Improve education prospects, including literacy and opportunities for skills training have directs implication for the quality of the life that people enjoy. In the changing society, education can play a vital role in promoting and developing self confidence, self reliance, initiatives and skills of innovations. It is notable that all such things are basic and significant in the process of human development and, in turn, for the development of human society as a whole.

It is our endeavor to develop the student into pragmatic and well groomed professional, having good personality and excellent communication skills, so that they are able to competitively create a place for themselves in the competitive world of industry. With this back ground we look forward to play a role in the development of the career of the students.

Wishing you a bright future.

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