Mission & Vision


The mission of Deepshikha’s Compucord is to encourage student to develop Confidence, self-motivation, research and problem solving skills sets and importantly to think independently. Furthermore, we aim to provide an academically exhilarating environment allowing our student to enjoy a first class education and social experience. We give top priority to hard work, self discipline, commitment, responsibility and accountability. We support our mission by providing high quality, broad-based Management education within the framework of a strong educational and industry background; excellence in teaching in highly nurturing, personal setting; the application of theory to management practice; and the use of technology to enhance student learning.


Our vision is to achieve excellence through knowledge, integrity and innovation. The students are nurtured not only in conceptual, technical and managerial skills but also in values that accept change, diversities, plurality in thoughts and ideas that respect individuals. Our culture goes beyond normal learning process. It is here of  DC that the students with the help of faculty build hopes and aspiration, nurture dreams and lay the foundation stone on  which stand the monuments of their careers.

The system of training and education practiced b y the DC ensures that it develops the students who are leaders in every sense and can discharge their duties in the most exemplary manner.

Our vision of academic excellence and social responsibility will give them a special place in society as well as a new orientation in Competitive world.

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