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About Us

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Deepshikha’s Compucord came into existence on 22 August,2001{Ganesh Chaturthi} by Governmnet registered ISO certified Social Welfare Organsiation – Deeepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti working since 1987 with the goal of transforming those who enter its gate, so that when they leave they are smart, noticeable and enriched all-rounders, who will do well no matter where they are. At Deepshikha’s Compucord, we focus on employability. The primary objective behind Deepshikha’s Compucord is to transform the personalities of student and to equip then with life-altering and quality-enhancing skills that would make them complete in all aspects, rather than just to produce student who are academically sound. After all, one’s personality is a holistic representation of what one has learnt over his/her life span rather than just the academic degree. At Deepshikha’s Compucord, we attempt to transform the lives and personalities of student through experiential learning and ensure that they are ‘career-abled’ for life. We intend to make our students very rich with knowledge and global etiquette to compete with the best!”

DEEPSHIKHA’S COMPUCORD, began it’s service towards the society and are since, actively working to spread with the latest developments in this field. Our positive  attitude has helped carve a niche for ourselves in Indian Education Industry  Scenario, via our socially oriented services we have been able to provide competitive computer education to that section of society also for which it would have been a dream otherwise.

We hold on to the vision of better, literate, aware and evolved India and this sea change can be brought about only by an exhaustive literary drive. Witnessing India riding high on the literary wave will sure be a sight to cherish and we’ve pledged to provide the glimpse of it to every Indian.

Perceiving education as the only tool to evolve mankind at all levels of social existence, we’ve embarked upon a Literary Mission in India. Since technology is the lifeblood of every modern contemporary society, thus of India too, hence ushers the term Literacy and we are pledged by our vision and principles to turn India into a nation with maximum Vocational Literates. Well, that we have at least worked upon principles, is evident from the smile embellishing on many Indian faces, which obviously stands as a testimony to a decade of our incessant efforts towards the Advantage.

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